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The service is available for Vietnamese only.

Simultaneous interpreting is usually used for international conferences, court trials and other presentations. For a conference lasting longer than 2 hours usually two interpreters need to be assigned for the same task as they need to take turn to rest while the other continues.

The challenge for this type of interpreting is to interpret simultaneously at the same time as the speaker is talking. Aside from being both a translator and an interpreter, the simultaneous interpreter needs to be a fast and economic speaker. Familiarity with terminologies is another requirement for this job as there is no time during the interpretation to correct or find words.

Immigration courts in the UK ask interpreters to provide summaries of arguments from counsels for the simultaneous interpreting part at their hearings. Similarly, for complex arguments or very fast speakers, conference interpreters may need to adjust to be able to convey the message in real time. 

Among many interpreters and translators working with us over the years we have identified and retained only few interpreters for this demanding task. Our interpreters have worked in different countries from Europe, Latin America to Asia to help conference speakers communicate effectively with their intended Vietnamese audience.