We are committed to protect privacy and identity of our clients and will NOT use their names to impress new clients. Of course, we can always ask some of our clients to provide reference if necessary.

Safety and Value for money

Vietnam Connect was a corporate member of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting from 2007 to 2015. The only reason we have not remained with the ITI after 2015 is to save cost so we can pass it on to our clients. With years of experience and the utmost dedication of our team, our work is recognized as of high quality and standard and we would not accept requests if we are not confident of delivering quality.

Today, new clients often come to us through recommendation and many existing clients are happy to assign us both translation and proofreading for the same text. This saves cost for clients because it allows us to spend less time to proofread translations as our competent translators have already taken care of accuracies and styles, to allow the proofreaders time and skills to come up with the finest word choices. We also believe that translation quality is better because generally a proofreader wouldn't be able to impact much on style or even fluency if the draft translation were a combination of uncomfortable wording and imprecision. Or the proofreader would have no choice but to decline proofreading or put up price considerably, if they were to do a good job.


Quality can't be achieved without proper reward and commitment to translators delivering their work. We always pay on time and have never missed a single payment since we commenced the business. Many interpreters place Vietnam Connect at the top of the list of agencies they want to work for. To enable us to do so, our intention is to seek only reliable payers, as opposed to acquiring as many clients as possible, or we must be paid up front.


Small help is always FREE of charge. Feel free to contact us if you have few words to translate or a quick phone call to make to your Vietnamese contact, and we will be more than happy to help.